This class does it all!  We will combine agility, speed, strength, cardio, core, and balance training to provide you with a full-body workout.  Come prepared to work hard and sweat! Class styles vary between a circuit style rotation to a killer core, to free weights. This class is designed for competitive members or first timers! All are welcome.

- TRX -

TRX is a body weight based, functional and dynamic strength program that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability.  It was developed by a Navy Seal, and trains your body in a non-impact, 3-D, functional manner. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Make your body your machine with TRX training!


This class combines the strength and core focus of TRX with cardiovascular intervals to burn calories and strengthen your body all in one class! This class is the best of both worlds. You will see a little it of everything in this class from free weights, cardio, and much more all combined within an hour workout! 

Move Well,
Move Often, Then Load The Movement.

Unlimited Monthly
  • 6 Months = $70.00
  • 3 Months = $85.00
  • Month to Month = $95.00
  • All prices are pro-rated from your start date

Punch Cards
  • 5 Punches = $75.00
  • 10 Punches = $130.00
  • 20 Punches = $210.00
  • * 6 Month Expiration on ALL punch cards *

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