Train Right

Elite Athlete Training


Personalized Functional Workouts

Our trainers know the demands of each sport and what it takes to train them. This knowledge will be reflected in the way we program for each athlete.





Our Trainers are prior collegiate or professional athletes. We are all FMS certified and have a wide range of certifications.


Team Training

We not only work with individual athletes wanting to advance to the next level. But we also work with several teams across the inland northwest for team development in speed, agility, strength and conditioning and more.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our Trainers are highly equipped and knowledgeable to work with any athlete and any sport. Our Trainers are constantly growing in our knowledge and learning the advancements of sports training to continue to  help produce efficient ways to advance athletes in their sport in a safe and effective way.

Current Times

Monday - Friday: 3pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30am

Monday & Wednesday: 7pm

Saturday: 10am

Sports Specific Training

12 Sessions: $202

16 Sessions: $250

18 Sessions: $262

24 Sessions: $322

Unlimited Monthly: $150

*With 12 Month Contract*

** Must have FMS testing before first workout. **

** Please contact staff to set up consultation and testing first**

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